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Hot Russian babe BlackDiamond (19)

Wow, I found an absolute stunner today; BlackDiamond. One of the most beautiful babes on the net, and she was all naked for us. She didn’t want to show her intimate parts in the public live chat, but in private she went all the way. Here are some screenshots for you to enjoy;

I found her almost naked on the bed as you can see in the screen shots. She was teasing everybody with a few nipple slips and flashes, but the real deal was only shown in private sex chat. What a lovely ass this woman has. Waggling her perfect ass cheeks in the air, silently asking for a rock hard penis. Mine was, but I was (unfortunately) not with her. I tried asking her some questions in English without her answering. Some of her regulars were greeted friendly though. Therefor I would rate her public chatroom session pretty good.

Direct link to free sexchat with BlackDiamonD

Web cam quality: 8/10
Public live XXX show: 5.5/10 (Private show was 8/10)
Chat interaction: 6/10


Two horny teens: MaryKristi

Long time no see! I didn’t feel like writing about my visits for a few weeks, but I’m back! ūüôā
Today I had a free sexchat session with two perky teens MaryKristi! These hot babes were online for quite some time, so I had a good chance to judge their live show. Here are some screenshots from their performance;

The blond one is Kristi, the brunette is Mary. As you can see, they have some great fun together. Once there are enough tokens donated (yes, they wait for it!), the fun begins. I joined their chat room when they sat together on bed, touching nipples, undressing partly, fingering pussy and playing with the OhMiBod(!!). Once they were undressed, the real thing broke loose! In different positions they went down on each other. Fingered pussies and massaged tits and nipples almost constantly. Very horny to see these two teens gettin it on. The tokens countdown was aimed for some 69 positions, but it took to long for me to wait for that. Perhaps some other time when I visit these superb and hot webcam teens.

Only minor point is the chat interaction. Not even once they responded to questions or compliments made through the public chat. They only speak Russian over the microphone to other guys (probably who used the private chat functions).

Direct link to free sexchat with MaryKristi

–ü—Ä—Ź–ľ–į—Ź –Ī–Ķ—Ā–Ņ–Ľ–į—ā–Ĺ–į—Ź –≤–Ķ–Ī-–ļ–į–ľ–Ķ—Ä–į —Ā–Ķ–ļ—Ā —Ā Mary Kristi

Web cam quality: 6.5/10
Live XXX show: 8.5/10
Chat interaction: 4/10

Sexchat review ‚Äď MILF BritishSam

Yes! Finally I think I’ve found the hottest MILF from the UK in a free sexchat. BritishSam¬†was online this morning and she made it worth staying online longer than I normally would.. What a stunner!


This photo is from here profile, I totally forgot to make any screenshots while watching. I’ll try it when she comes back online, than I will finish this post for you guys!

Visit the free sex chat with BritishSam here

Web cam quality: 8/10
Live XXX show: 6/10
Chat interaction: 9/10

Website review:

Today I would like to suggest a new and hot website for free sex chatting, I stumbled upon this site by accident, but would like to introduce this magnificent site to all of you!

Screenshot of the homepage of

This is a view of the homepage of¬†As you can see, there is a direct overview of models which are online at the moment (at time of making this screenshot, there were 441 models online!!) All photos you see of the models are taken from their live shows, so you can see directly who’s online and what they are performing now.

Live sex in all categories

On the homepage of 24/7 Sexchats, you see the category list on the left side. Select amateurs with anal play, babes, big tits, etc. from this list. By selecting any¬†category, you filter all online amateurs who have that criterium selected in their profile. So if you click on ‘anal play’, you find all amateurs, male, female, couples and other, who perform anal sex in their sex shows. Note that its not given they are performing anal sex at that moment. They’re up for it, but not at every live show.

Direct link to the homepage:

Sexchat review with PerkyLisa

Every now and than you find a webcam babe that is very very hot. Today is a day like that for me. I found the hot PerkyLisa (23 РEnglish) during my free sexchat session. This hot little blonde teen was online during the morning to show me her lovely small and perky tits.

When I joined her sexchat she was already undressed. I missed the fun of stripping, but no complaints here. Her beautiful body and lovely face made me happy and my dick hard. I think PerkyLisa gave birth to a baby not so long ago. You can see her belly and tits marked with strechmarks from the pregnancy. Makes me even more hungry to cum on her face..

PerkyLisa was not so much busy with toys and fingers. But on the other hand, she enjoys the live chat with the viewers. You don’t see many girls chatting with viewers, but Lisa answers to almost all questions asked. Every now and than she flashes her perfectly¬†shaved pussy for us. Asking for a pussy close up resulted in the offer to go private or in spy mode to watch the action. Not for me today. After all this was a very nice free sexchat with PerkyLisa. Find her daily during the daytime, she is often online from 9am till 2pm.

Direct link to free sexchat with PerkyLisa

Web cam quality: 8/10
Live XXX show: 6/10
Chat interaction: 8.5/10

Sexchat review – LoveCatsuit

Monday morning webcamsex, today I met with LoveCatsuit. I joined the free sexchat when she was already undressed and working her big tits and hard nipples. This hot webcam amateur is somewhere around the age of 30-35 (her profile tells 65, but that cant be true). She was in a very good mood when I joined her live sexshow. She was doing a solo masturbation session for us viewers. Here are some screenshots of her live show;

I think that LoveCatsuit was horny as hell, cause she can’t resist touching her pussy all the time. And she was WET, wet like crazy. Juices were dripping from her vagina when she pulled out the fingers she was jamming in her holes. During the sexchat, every now and then she stopped fingering and moved the webcam in a more total body shot. But than again she closed in with the webcam and zoomed on her lovely clit and lips. Only thing missing was anal sex. The refused to put a finger in her anus, perhaps another time she will do this during one of her masturbation show. The fact that she was a Russian made it more difficult for me to communicate. Other members also did not interact much with LoveCatsuit. But yes, this hot MILF was horny and nice to watch. Join her free sex chat once if you like bit tits and huge nipples.

Direct link to live sexchat with LoveCatsuit

Web cam quality: 7.5/10
Live XXX show: 7/10
Chat interaction: 3/10

Live sex review – RoughSexCpl

Finally, after some days without watching live sex, here I am again. This morning I enjoyed a live sex session with RoughSexCpl.¬†This amateur couple is fairly new to the site, so probably you haven’t seen them before. Here are some screenshots from the sexchat session this morning;

She loved the doggy style fucking. Or at least, that is what I think. They were going in this position for quite some time. So long that it even become a little boring. Its admirable that this man can go on for this long, but for viewers it was the same movement over and over. It would have been nice to see them in different positions after all.
In their profile photo album, which I included some photos from, you can see other positions going on. It would have been nice to see some of that stuff live.

Than, the went into private mode for the anal sex and cumshots. After a few minutes she returned with a pussy close-up, asking for tips to squirt. She asked 100 tokens for the squirt, which was to much to wait for. So I missed the squirting orgasm.. Sadly!

Not the best live sex show I’ve seen on, but okay. That was it for the day.. Enjoy the sexchat with RoughSexCpl!

Direct link to live sexchat with RoughSexCpl

Web cam quality: 6/10
Live XXX show: 5.5/10
Chat interaction: 4/10

Sexchat review – Taticute

Today I had a lovely free sex chat session with Taticute. This lovely brunette was hot as hell! And she loved teasing her viewers with toys and close-ups of pussy (shaved) and tits!

This hot webcam babe Taticute is online often. Sometimes she even does her sexchats form the car. I’ve got no clue why you would like to do that, but okay.. With her 23 years, she is still a teenager. But she knows her moves like a full pro! Once she started her XXX show, Taticute was not shy of showing her gorgeous body! Started with her nice tits. The top she was wearing without a bra made is easy to show a nipple, and another nipple¬†(lovely little pink nipples!!), and finally her two supers tits fully nude. Her tits are not very big, but they are shaped perfect¬†and firm.

Her pussy was already naked¬†but not yet visible, cause of her legs hiding it for us. She encouraged us to tip some more for her to show her twat. Some fans donated her tokens quick enough, so there was the pussy. Full on, close up with her webcam zoomed in. What a fuckable cunt, and her ass was doable without a doubt! She didn’t really touched her ass though.

While fingering her pussy she started to become wet and horny herself. You can see the juices dripping from her hands. One of her fans asked her to come live on webcam. I think she was already aroused enough, cause she started to rub her clitoris like a maniac. All close up, we enjoyed her masturbating in front of the webcam. When she finally came, it was not a squirting orgams, what some of the viewers were hoping for. But watching her crawl and making noises  was very hot!

Visit the live sex chat of Taticute here

Web cam quality: 7/10
Live XXX show: 8/10
Chat interaction: 5/10

Sexchat review – Columbian SarahParker

Today I met SarahParker, a lovely 21 year old teen of ¬†from Columbia. This hot Latina webcam babe was in very good shape when I joined her free¬†sexchat. She¬†was online for a live sex show with some of her toys. And she was in a good, very good mood…

This are some screenshots from her live show today. When I joined she was undressing her superb Latina body from the last pieces of fabric hiding her privates. Not dressed in anything fancy, she made stripping look like heaven. This Latina princess knows her body well and moves like a show dancer with ease. Once installed on her bed again, completely naked, she started teasing us viewer with showing bits of her shaved pussy.

Shaved pussy and OhMiBod toys

At first she was a little shy (or pretending to be shy) with showing her pussy. It took her some time to find the courage to show all. Eventually we were treated to a close up of one of the most beautiful pussies I’ve ever seen. What a lovely lips, perfectly pink and a little moist from the inside.. It showed that she was becoming horny. Rubbing her lips swollen and clit made her shiver and moaning a bit. Working herself towards the first orgasm she pulled out a big vibrator. Once playing and fucking her pussy with the dildo she came pretty soon. And than, finally, she gave us viewers some control over her body. She grabbed her OhMiBod vibrator, which we could control by donating some tokens. The sound of the tokens coming in makes the vibrator vibe like crazy. SarahParker was really enjoying it when the audience took over her vibrator. She came again.. and once more, before she called it a night. 5 stars sex show for her!! I hope to see her again soon.

Also enjoy a free live sex show with SarahParker here!

Web cam quality: 9/10
Live XXX show: 7.5/10
Chat interaction: 4/10

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